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Factoids Most Do Not Get About Me At First.

I can have an intelligent conversation on just about any subject. While I have my select interests I’ve grown accustomed to people around me talking about themselves.

I might know a ton about you before you ever know anything really significant about me. As I’ve mentioned I’m used to listening and not talking. I also know that I am a prety unique guy and my opinions are usually not accepted by the masses around me. So, I keep to myself feel you out, and then if I like you or trust you I let you in bit by bit.

My favorite period in U.S. history is the 1950s. Although I love the Art Deco era equally as well. The Space Pop era really fascinates me.

I prefer chrome old school, two slice, black handle toasters. You cannot improve on perfection and I do not understand for the life of me why there a million different toaster designs. If you are so careless as to burn toast, you don’t need to own a toaster. Therefore there is no need to dummy it up with fool-proof “features” sp morons get the perfect toast.

I love the brass twin-bell alarm clock. However, my favorite is the old school flip=number clocks of the 1960’s & 70’s. Not the roll number … the FLIP number, go look them up, I’ll wait.

My heart and my mind fight with one another constantly and do not ever get along.

I don’t worry about things.

I don’t complain either.

Nothing bothers me.

Some people consider me cold but I prefer “reserved” why do I owe you my entire life story, or shower you with all kinds of compliments when I first meet you? You’ve got to earn that.

Sometimes I curse! WHAT? Yup, I rarely do it anymore as I want to teach my son proper English and good linguistic skills. It’s known to happen .. if you’re around me and I start cursing .. get out of my way, I’ve lost my temper.

I love more than I hate but my hate is ten times concentrated than my love. People like being on my good side. I don’t know why but if someone I’ve ever had a problem with thinks they’ve crossed me beyond measure they either spend the rest of their life avoiding me or kissing my back side.

I suck at math.

I’m going blind but remain a visual person .. go figure that one out.

I make people laugh … yup, you wouldn’t know it from my writing but I love to make folks laugh.

If I think of more stuff I’ll put it here …



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