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Ramping It Up.

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Dear World,

One thing a lot of people see as a undesirable quality is that of being detail oriented. I have found that by being methodical, well planned, and studious on all counts that my life has a beautiful simpleness to it.

I think it’s a trait that should be admired – Look around you, how many times have you wondered why a co-worker or boss, friend, or relative has had such a chaotic life? Had they been a patient and better informed in their decision making process they might see less of that.

I run on a 50/50 formula. I plan my life with the understanding that 50 per cent will only turn out how I plan it to. I expect the other 50 per cent but cannot plan around it.

I took this approach to my recent decision to be a regular ebay seller.  I’ve been studying the best approach for months and had even taken on a mentor in a more experienced seller (who is very honest I might add) so far it’s been successful.

apinkfloydman is my user name on ebay … I might have some stuff y’all want! As always the market decides price!

Peace, Love, & Understanding,