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Be A Friggin’ Parent, Would Ya?

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Dear World,

I get it all the time since I am a parent who is a computer professional. I get asked “How do I keep my kids safe on the internet?”

Most of the time I give the person some options and my own personal experience on the matter which I’m going to share with y’all right now. I’m going to share it because I saw an article in the Tuscaloosa News this morning about something I found shocking and utterly ridiculous

There is a large number of child monitoring software that SELLS the information that is collected whilst monitoring. The same information the parent is supposed to use to see and control what the child is doing. In other words EVERYTHING that is done on that computer while the software is running!

I have never been a fan of monitoring software or practices of any kind. The main reason is I trust my parenting skills and my role in my son’s life. I taught him ever since he was a very small child that the Internet is just like a door outside. I gave him the same rules as he was to follow when he was outside our home.

Don’t talk to strangers.

Stay in the neighborhood. (on the internet this would mean surf on mainstream websites that are established and trusted(

don’t be out all night (don’t spend hours upon hours on the internet – unplug)

Never give anyone you real and/or whole name.

Never give anyone your address.

I always explained why as well. I figured with some degreee of accruacy that if I told Brett why it is important in a logical reasonable way to follow a particular rule he would follow it and he has.

Most people run some version of Windows and therefore have enough “protection” software running. Anti-virus, Firewall, Anti-Spyware, Plus a whole host of Windows security annoyances. With all these things running the chances of having some conflicts increase greatly let alone how annoying it is having to click and close and configure it all while trying to just write an email or surf the web.

Don’t be a lazy parent and let game consoles, TV and the Internet be a nanny to your kid. You chose to have kids so raise them! You just might find how fun it is. I know I do. Heck you might even learn something.

There’s nothing more annoying than selfish lazy parents. We wonder why our kids are fat and disrespectful. Remember Monkey See Monkey Do. If your child sees you do it she/he is going to do it too! (that’s why I’m very vocal about what I think about things … whether I think Brett is listening or not. I know it’s being absorbed. He even quotes me on it!

Peace, Love, & Understanding.

Well Geo … looks like you got your rant!