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That's How I Roll

That's How I Roll

Introduction. Dear World,

That’s how I start off each of my posts and I always end them in the same way. I started my first journal back in high school and no, it wasn’t public. I had a few volumes and then one day I decided to burn them. I never looked back. Then one day not quite ten years ago, I started a web site. At first it was dedicated to my love for Volkswagens. So many people wanted to know who I was and what other things I was into that I decided to create a separate “personal” web site. That’s what led me to a section of that web site where I began writing again and I called it “The Interesting Topic of The Week” it gained so much popularity that my shy nature just couldn’t comprehend so I created a private blog on MySpace where I just wrote as if the world wasn’t reading. I never imagined how many people read that blog. So in the hopes of being accessible I moved that blog to LiveJournal because I wanted a journal and not a blog. However a few years later and becoming increasingly more popular I decided to move here to WordPress and unless something drastic changes this is where I will stay. I will eventually upgrade my account and attach a domain to it but for now it works.

What you might read.

Now as to what you might read here I’m not entirely sure. Mostly just whatever is on my mind. I like to be able to voice whatever is on my mind but sometimes that arises in conflict and I don’t handle conflict that well. So While you might get some far out rant about something that bugs me you might also find something deeply personal that might move you to a reckless emotional state. I have always left things up to the reader. I have always tried to be democratic and let the popular vote win no matter how set in stone my ideas may be. I may never change my mind and I might not ever rewrite something to suit the populous but I still welcome open, honest discussion about anything I write. I love the comments, I love getting email of all kinds. I like community. You may never hear back from me but that’s alright I’m still listening and I still view this as my personal journal. I just happen to let y’all read it. Most of the time I will call this a journal and not a blog. I will refer to my posts as entries. Sometimes I will enter at the bottom what music I’m listening to or if I’m not I won’t put anything (or I’ve forgotten) My goal has always been to be a better writer but I never proof read so you’re going to find mistake and I am fluent in Typonese – i.e. typographical errors to such a degree it becomes it’s own language. I also from time to time drop in some 1337 or “leet” speak and I’m only honoring my geek heritage but it’s not abundant as most normal folks have no idea what I’m talking about. So when you see pwne – PWNE or the like … don’t worry I meant to do that! haha

A little about me.

I’m a guy, I’m soon to be 32 years old and I was raised in Tuscaloosa, AL. I’m a deep introvert and a proud geek. You’ll get to know that from time to time as you read my entries. I guess it’s safe to say I’m a computer shop owner even though I’m still moving into the shop and getting acclimated but things are moving forward in that direction. I have to address the fact that I am deeply in love with a wonderful amazing woman who tolerates my strange and unusual ways. She will be mentioned here from time to time but I love keeping things in my love lifer very personal. So .. when I seem cryptic I’m only protecting what I have with her in my own way. I’m also a single father of one ten year old son, He’s Brett. I often talk about my unique approach to parenting all the while wlkaing the finel line of his privacy and sharing with others’ what I’ve learned. I’m also a huge fan of comic books, literature, music, and just about anything creative. I do play the guitar and mine is a 1981 Fender Stratocaster that belonged to my late brother. Not many people know it but I named it Christine. There’s a very specific reason for the name and no that’s not an Ex-girlfriend of mine. So having properly introduced y’all I encourage you to read on dudes!

Where stuff is.

You’ll find new entries easy enough, I change things up once in a while to keep things interesting but I adhere to a strict writing format so y’all and myself are comfortable. I like comfort. I also like change … it’s the paradox of the introvert.

Peace, Love, & Understanding,


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