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The Bridge No Person Wants To Cross.

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Dear World,

I’m writing about something very personal today. I usually do not but there are a lot of people concerned and it makes better sense to point them to one central place.

First of all – my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Here’s a breakdown of facts as I understand them.

She went in for her annual check-up and the doctor found a lump.

He felt that it may be nothing, or it may be something so he order her for a biopsy. A few days later he called her and broke the news. That’s where she is with it right now.

The details on the matter are a little more involved. First of all for the sake of awareness and understand (a trademark of my writing here on this journal) I will try to best explain how it’s being treated.

The biopsy was done via a method where the doctor goes in with a needle which is hallow. A very small incision is made and the needle vacuums away tissue where it can be sampled and then tested. It’s cutting edge from what I know about it

The next phase is an MRI is to be done so the doctor knows where things are and to get an overall picture of what’s going on. The treatment of the cancer itself will be similar. If all goes well. What I mean is this: The cancer will be removed via lumpectomy. If the cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes then all is clear for the method which localizes the radiation to the cavity left behind and that will only be 7 treatments versus the 32 (I think) traditionally. Then she’ll be done and will have to have an MRI annually as a precaution.

If it has spread to the lymph nodes then she’ll have to undergo more traditional radiation treatment with chemotherapy.

The hope here is that it’s local and has not spread to the lymph nodes.

[note: I will edit this post with more details and information as I get them along with progress. updates will be preceded by UPDATE: as to show new or changed information. So I recommend referring back to this particular post for updates and what not]

Peace, Love, & Understanding,



While my mother’s MRI came back and showed that there are no further cancer throughout her body, the gene test (insert medical term here) came back showing her at high risk for cancer and that the tumor is a little too large for the new theropy. So she is going to have to go through the full chemotherapy and radiation after all. This sucks in the highest order but at least she is not riddled with untreatable cancer. There is a, extremly high chance that she will come out on the other side of her treatment fully recovered.