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Shut Up – You’re Not Cool!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Dear World,

I have about a 25 – 30 minute commute back and forth to work everyday and it never surprises me to see some moron talking on the phone, putting on make-up, even eating, while they’re behind the wheel of an automobile! This is one of those things that A LOT of people do yet somehow feel that when others do it it’s offensive and RUDE! Even walking around the grocery store with the frigign’ jaw-bone ear piece sticking in your ear … you people are not Secret Service, you’re not anyone special … get rid of the ear piece you Agent Smith wannabe losers!

The thing that really bothers me about these people is that they will stare right at you and talk … what are you going to do other than speak to them … hence forth making yourself look like a complete ass hole loser like they are! So it’s no wonder no one is friendly in public anymore. We don’t want to look like idiots!

When a customer comes into the shop and I’m trying to explain what can be a complicated thing about their computer I want them to pay attention. I cannot stand repeating myself and only do it when it’s warranted. So if they come up in the shop with a friggin’ mobile phone implanted into their head I know full well they’re either not listening to me or the person they’re talking to, in which case they might as well get the hell off the damned phone!

Alright … so I’ve ranted enough …

Let me fill you in on some things that’s been going on lately …

a) If something doesn’t happen soon as in the way of business, then I’ve got to figure out another approach.

b) Brett’s doing well – slipping in math but I think he’ll bring it up. (I’ve been on his case)

c) I have just been enjoying things. Being happy and relaxing. I’ve watched a ton of movies of the weekend and I’m working my way down the queue.

d) been having fun with my Nikon … took down some old photos from my flickr to make room for the ones taken with my new (to me) one.

e) getting ready to eat the heck out of some dead bird this thanksgiving. (humans have incisors to eat meat, we need protein and iodine to live we get that from meat)

f) I think I’ve met someone … I think she’s a pretty awesome lady … I hope it pans out.

Peace, Love, & Understanding,