They Are Worthy.

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Dear world,

Thanks for all the correspondence regarding the death of Pink Floyd’s keyboardist, Rick Wright. I can say with no doubt in me that Pink Floyd is no more. With the Live 8 performance in London being a significant last set with Roger Waters and now, the passing of Rick … even if they DID wind up reforming and calling themselves Pink Floyd there will NEVER be a real Pink Floyd and their career as profound as it was and still is over.

Having known since the release of the double album Echoes that this was inevitable I began taking casual auditions for a band that could even remotely move me in the same way The Pink Floyd have. This was extremely difficult because the Floyd are still tops to me but I missed them in their prime and feel robbed of their true greatness. I have been reading, listening, and studying bands with a discerning criteria:

They had to in some way pay homage to Pink Floyd.
They had to be an established group with extreme proficiency in music theory and musicianship (in other words I didn’t want a pop band like the Jonas Brothers)
They still had to be an active band with define roots yet show progression in their work.
Among many others.

I can now say that I have found this band. They are …. Dream Theater.

Other than that I’ve been trying to detoxify my body from the evil drug caffeine. I’m getting through it but my withdrawal seems to be longer than average. It’s amazing how poisonous that stuff is …

Peace, Love, & Understanding,


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