The Day The Music Died.

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Dear World,

When I woke up one morning last week I heard the all too familiar sound of yet another electrical device connected to BUGCON fail. I wasn’t too worried …. UNTIL: I learned it was the elder of two external hard drives I use for my media backup. One contains my video back up and music and the other contains music and my “just in case files”.

The hard drive that died is a 160 gigabyte Barracuda 7200.7 that was sealed in a permanent enclosure. In contrast my other hard drive is situated in a case that is easily broken apart where I can yank the hard drive. Anyhow, The drive was dead and dying further with a sound of a loud BUZZZZZ.

For most people this would be the beginning of the seven stages of grief as they slowly come to acceptance that they have lost gigabytes upon gigabytes worth years of hoarding. I’ve lost way too much digital stuff over the years to cry over dead drives and losing files. It was my own stupidity for not making sure my seed files where on another location. NEVER let your seed files reside on the same source as your backups! also, I am a computer technician professional. I’m well rounded in everything from small business networking to upgrading RAM. I’ve done just about all of it.

My my field it’s customary to test ones boundaries. To go places your colleagues dare not to venture or are not innovative enough to attempt. For example, I’m pretty much the only technician in my area who will bill data recovery the same as his service. In other words the faster I get your stuff back, the cheaper it will cost you. As far as I know I’m the only tech who will even attempt software based data recovery. I’m pretty good at it.

As far as opening the hard drive and actually repairing it? Well, I don’t even think the most desperate techs in the state will try that one. First of all drives are cheap, why bother trying to repair them? Secondly, data is tricky business … if you fail you don’t get paid. There’s no incentive there.

In my case there is plenty of incentive. About 140 gigabytes of it. Half of my music collection is gone for good and no list to refer to to allow me reacquire it – nope I’m going from nothing here.

So the ever loving geek in me spoke and from within I decided to venture forth unto a realm of which I had never been. I’m going to repair a hard drive. After extensive measures of the diagnostic kind I have decided that I’m lucky. My hard drive is mechanically sound and it appears through my rigorous tests and research that only the logic board has died. So I bought one just like it and when it arrives I’m going to perform the surgery.

From what I can tell it’s not that difficult of a thing to do. The challenge is having the patience and tools to do so.  I’ve got both.

So wish me some luck y’all!

Peace, Love, & Understanding,



2 comments on “The Day The Music Died.

  1. geo says:

    2 words two dvds nuff said lol

  2. Bug says:

    One phrase: “Death Before Defeat!|

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