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Yeah, I Opened My Mouth, & Yeah, I’ll Do That Too, Proudly!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Dear World,

This being a historical election year I have found it tough to keep my mouth shut on how I feel about it all. I don’t care who anyone votes for, it’s our right. What really gets me is when we form an opinion then go find things to back it up. One should go find facts then form an opinion.

I used to drive my mother crazy when I was a kid asking the question “Why?”. Some of the answers helped me form my own opinions and my own answering of that question has given rise to many more answers and sometimes more questions. I am a person who has to learn things to be happy. If I sit and not ponder something I feel like my brain is in sleep mode.

So when I get all these emails in that are telling me that the person I carefully chose to be the leader of the country I live in is not who I know and believe he is, I get a little miffed.

I have heard “I’m not voting for Barack Obama because if he’s elected he’s going to be sworn in on his book and not the bible” I have heard that a few times. Hmmm, last time I checked this is a Free country that supports Freedom of religion. That doesn’t mean we are only free to be Christian. That means all faiths. Not only that Barack grew up with many books in his home and has chosen to be Christian because that’s what he identifies with. When someone emails you, where was that email before it got to you? Who orginally spawned that email and for hat reason? You don’t really know without extensive software and an ability to translate headers. So just because you’ve heard it in an email does not mean it’s true! Furthermore, just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true either. What ever happen to fact-checking? Proper research? Am I so old school that my research rules do not apply and we should basically accept things just because of a snazzy web 2.0 logo (i.e. Digg) is at the corner of a site?

The Internet s a big place that mankind has created. Because mankind created it it has flaws as mankind has flaws. (Bug’s Rule of Perfection) So, I am getting worn out and cranky wit all the fluff filling up my mail box. I spent over a year researching who¬† planned on voting for when many had not even heard of Barack Obama. He stood out back then for a few distinct reasons. A) his track record is consistent. He has said things and those things get done going all the way back to his college years when he organized inner-city voting drives in Chicago. Uh, I don’t see anything remotely close to that in the McCain front and let’s face it The Clintons are old-school hippies who dreamed of partying in the white house if one of them ever got elected and hat’s just what Bill did the entire time. He never seemed to take his office seriously. Hillary, well, she is a power hungry, money-loving, sell-out. All she ever thinks about is how much money she can conjure up and ow powerful she can be. I will never forget ho smug she was when she was asked if she’d run for president and flatly made no commitment to it. Se thought this would be so easy and she’d win just because she is Hillary Clinton.I am sick and tired of the arrogance in this country! I honestly think is some way she is this way because in her mind in a man’s world you’ve got to do as men do and she is acting like a stereotypical male chauvinist. Now how ridiculous does that make her look? Unfortunately, very much. I am a believer in equality. I prefer that in lieu of one-upping one another men and women should be truly equal and accept the natural differences between them. So that scratches Hillary out right away.

I made mention quite extensively about race yesterday in my rant and I’m going to address is in a more factual tone here today. Most Americans are in denial about race. We go along seemingly neutral to it so as to fit in with the politically correct trends tat abound. When the nitty-gritty hits the fan and we have to choose we go with our own race most of the time as good old Anglo-Saxon Caucasians. I can’t speak for black people as I am not black. I can only say that growing up in the South and dealing with it for many years is getting old. People for the most part are people and race is not big deal. Really it’s not. We can pretend that Obama is Islamic or a militant Muslim so we can say he’s one of the terrorists that blew us up a few years ago. Yet he’s not. He’s a man of mixed race who has come a long way and he’s tired as most of us young people are, of the same old same old that is driving this country into the local water-treatment facility.

So what we really have as we usually do in some form or another these days is FUD. [F]ear [U]ncertainty & [D]oubt. The people who use FUD tactics the most are for the most part, hungry for control and power. Do we see Barack scaring us? No! we see a campaign giving us hope and confidence. That does not follow the tactics of a campaign run by a power hungry moron (insert a Picture of George W. Bush here)

I will say what most Americans will not: Our arrogance caused the attacks on 9/11/01. Don’t get me wrong not one single person who died other than the terrorists, deserved to die that day. I remember feeling really empty watching it happen live on Good Morning America. I thought the end of the world was beginning. Typically when mourning, one goes through stages of grief. One of these stages is asking “Why?” You know, trying to understand the tragedy and wrapping one’s mind around the magnitude of it. I asked why. It wasn’t too long before I learned about Osoma Bin Laden. a U.S. Military trained rouge who was offended that the U.S. had built a military base on ground holy to his faith and his people. I don’t know about you but stop and think about that for a minute, Reverse this whole thing. What if Iran came over here and built a base on our soil, let’s say Yankee field? Or Talladega Raceway? Just so they can keep eyes on Canada or Mexico. I think we’d be headed to war with Iran pretty quickly. That’s what I mean about this whole arrogance thing. I hate it happened but if we do not change our policies and our concept of who we are and who we are in the world then it’s going to happen over and over and over again. I love America or The United State Thereof, but I love other countries too. I am very patriotic to Brazil for very specific reasons … does that mean I want Brazil to adopt my way of life and that Brazil should be just like the U.S.? No way, man! Should Japan abandon it’s culture to suit The trends of the U.S.? Should England Drive on the other side of the road when e visit? NO! NO, NO! Did you know there is even a word for it? Yes, it’s called Globalism. It’s where the differences between the countries of the world are molded and shaped to match that of the U.S. some old schoolers might call it “Westernization” and I am firmly against it. I think we should preserve our differences in the world and what’s up with this stinking Euro and European Union? See, it’s all going to be one government, one currency and we will have no other culture that the global one. We won’t have all the different peoples we have now an they will all speak English. I love English but I don’t think the world should have to learn it to suit me. I am learning a second language myself, Brazilian Portuguese, so I can better communicate with the people of Brazil, alright a person from Brazil but you know she took the time and energy to learn English and while I don’t think she di it for me I think it’s a huge gesture if I reach out and learn her native tongue. I think it says that I accept her and who she is. I think More Americans should take on that attitude. We should accept others be the different from us or be they the same. Le’s take out all the frivolous, meaningless crap and vote for our next resident based on fact and based on our CONSTITUTION. Namely FREEDOM! I like to be free who doesn’t? Wy do you think PRISON is a PUNISHMENT? So let’s wake up and be smart about this. Stop forwarding junk to me that you might think I actually will believe and unless you are basing your vote an beleif on fact, I don’t want to hear it.

Peace, Love, & Understanding,