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It’s Party Time!

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Dear World,

There’s a few things I’d like to write about this post so bare with me as I try and sort it all out.

First of all anyone who kows me has known that my dream was and is owning my own business and not running it so formally yet have a community type place where folks can come and hang out and not only get their computer fixed or any other geek service I’d offer but they could get a good conversation as well. So since I’ve been taking over Paul’s computer shop I have been trying to come up with ways to do this. I’ve thought about a geek club or a LAN party. Then Paul calls me at the shop one day last week and asks me how I felt about setting one day a week after operational hours to hold a get together type deal and we talked about the various things we could do. So Paul went ahead and made some announcements. I hadn’t heard how those announcements were received until tonight when Paul called me to touch base on some things. He said he got lots of feedback and he’s sending some customers down this week to have their computers fixed. So as it stands right now we’re going to have about 6 to 8 people one day a week after regular shop hours to come down and hang out and place computer games or just talk geek related stuff. I thought it was funny as in hilarious, that in one of the responses to his announcement that one lady said it was great having a social event for geeks because it’s a lonely business in the computer business. I don’t know how many times I’ve told people geeks are solitary on purpose not because they have to be. Anyhow the response is great and I’m looking forward to this week.

Next in line on topic for tonight is the fact that people find it so surprising that I by something new. I am buying things not because I agree with a consumerist economy or anything but I just have to have certain things and I can’t find them in my usual sources or they just don’t exist there. My backpack, sure I had to have a specific one to suit my particular needs and yeah I paid way more than it’s probably worth but it’s made in Switzerland and should last me a lifetime. The fact that it’s the abnormal and not the norm is O.K. as long as it stays abnormal. The day I give up flea markets and yard sales and bartering is the day I have died inside.

In other news, the most amazing thing happened Thursday morning. I’m doing my thing at the shop working on a computer (one of two I need to figure out what to do with) and Mr. Stuart of Printing Plus (remember he gave me that awesome vintage Apple laser printer) comes in with a package. He says “I couldn’t get this to ship directly to your shop so I had it come to me and I wanted to bring it to you. Here this man bought an Ubuntu T shirt and three Ubuntu pens and gave them to me! I was speechless and very rarely does anything moves me at all. I’m not one that is easily touched but this was a sincere gesture and it meant a lot to me. We talked for a while and here it is that it came from Canonical Lt. in England and took two weeks to get here!  I shook his hand and told him that I owed him one and he insisted I didn’t and that he felt he owed me for all I’ve done for him. Whatever, I still owe the man. In case you people don’t know by now Ubuntu is the distribution of Linux I suggest for newbies and recommend for fun non geeky stuff. I swear by it and openSUSE (for the more geeky stuff) After he left I went to the back and took off my shirt and put on my new Ubuntu “Linux for Human Beings” shirt and wore it proudly.

Now only to get things nailed down for July and I’d be on top of the world …

Peace, Love, & Linux to all!