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Jacked Into The Matrix.

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Dear World,

I guess I got tired of eating goop. this morning I went and metaphorically plugged myself into the vast never land of normal. I opened up my first checking account. I know exactly why I haven’t done this before and I know exactly why I’m doing it now. I am swallowing some of my stubborn pride and doing the right thing. I have always said that a relationship should be about equality right down the middle and that’s precisely what I meant. So why then should I deny myself in my own relationship with myself? Why should I allow myself to go through life and not do all I can do to make it just how I want it? Realizing I should marry Ligia was only the beginning … once I decided that was what I had to do I never dreamed that so many things had to take place first. I mean I knew she would have to accept of course but I’m not sure I knew what I’d have to go through to make it real. I do now, though and I am almost there. The only reason I open up the bank account was so that I could do more, do more to better myself and do more for Ligia. Of course being a father is the pride of my life but what I am doing now is setting an example for my son to follow. The way I see it is that if I can do all of this, then he has got no excuse. I can’t let my own failure in life be his crutch. I will not only broaden my mind and live in the unique way that has intrigued anyone who knows me but I will start in tis year of 2008 to make waves.

Over this past summer some of the people around me saw a huge change in me. They almost did not know who I was anymore. Everything I believed in was amplified and changes were unfolding, they still are. I began to inspire those around me, I began to show that there is another way and one needs not sit idly by and let life just drift as if were a slow moving stream. the slow moving stream is still there but Bug jumped his self right in. So Basically what I am saying is that I am standing up and going after something … many things and not letting my own self stop me.

Now for some updates and thoughts about some other things. I had thought that my little message to my buddy trying to steal my gmail account might have gotten through to the little fellow. I was wrong. As it seems that my script kiddie stalker-fan has decided to up the stakes a tad and somehow, some way planted a Trojan horse on my system. For those that do not know in computer terms a Trojan Horse is a particular type of virus that is sort of like a robot. It sits in your system somewhere and follows instructions remotely from the script kiddie. I say say script kiddie because only morons use bots and Trojan virii. The media will call this behavior that of a hacker. We call it that of a “cracker” criminal hacker. A genuine hacker does no damage, steals nothing and leaves no traces.

So in the email this little battle has garnered some attention and I have been asked by various people what I intend to do about the situation. In part due to the fact that people like to see a good fight and in second part people are afraid it can and will happen to them and they follow my example in how to deal with it when it does. As far as my little problem is concerned I’m not entirely sure he reads this blog. I assumed he did. (again I am letting it seem as if it were a he) I took care of the viruses on my system due to this fellow and since he’s ratcheted things up a notch I have no choice but to do the same. In the game of chess of which I am a fond player, this would be a test attack. Where you place a piece out into the open just to see how your opponent will respond and then plan a win based on that. My opponent seems to think that since he does not know much that I do not know much and therefore is willing to take a far greater risk than I. I don’t like these sorts of games. I am at a point in my life where it’s more annoying that challenging and I will just take care of the problem once and for and be done with it. I have decided that this has gone too far and I am going to do just that. So after reading the packet log from Wireshark tonight, I have devised a plan that has already gone into effect. I don’t think our friend will have to worry about bothering me for a while if ever and I hope he learns a good lesson. I am a nice guy, I know people who would not stop where I have and take not only the problem away but also take full advantage of the personal information and have more fun with it. I however, have broken no laws and got the job done. It might be a while before my little buddy knows what hit him but when he does he’ll be worrying about far more than me that’s for sure.

Onto other news … I think it’s safe to say that with all intents and purposes that my trip for Texas this summer has been green lit. I’m going to post my reel-to-reel on eBay where I know I will get it’s value and that money since it’s not tied to shop expenses will go to San Antonio in July. Geo has signed on board as a traveling companion to help the finances work even better and we’re going to split everything down the middle. I have the bus route and itinerary pretty much taken care of. Less a few details it’s all taken care of. Pretty simple. I’m also going to be liquidating a bunch of obsolete hardware that is in shop inventory via eBay and have a rough idea of what that will bring in. Part of that will go to an advertising budget in local print media and I am going to take my closet full of parts down to the shop at some point and inventory those and keep what I need and sell the rest. For reason that became clear to me recently I am no longer going to make it seem as though my head is in the clouds. I will only write about real things and real goings-ons. I have learned that now ever more than before, it’s very important that I keep my word, to stay focused and to borrow from the worst president in history (George W. Bush) Stay The Course.

I’ll post more details once I get my PayPal and stuff going. In case anyone wants to et me anything .. put it there please … it’s for a good cause and material things do me no good. I am not asking for anything though I’m just saying … a lot of you gripe at me (Geo, Stacy a few others) about me not letting anyone buy for me .. so if y’all want do that … it will mean the world to me. I think if you read through the comments Geo actually called me a hippie at some point. So … what can I say. In parting I am going to say that I would like to thank everyone for being patient with me and while you own lives might be going badly and you’re unhappy all of you have rooted for my love story, my dream of owning my own computer shop and everything else wonderful that is happening to me. Without all of your encouragement and help I would have never had the nerve, confidence or respect for myself to go through with any of this.

Peace, Love, & Understanding,