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The Last Entry Of 2007.

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Dear World,

This has been an amazing year. Perhaps the best year yet of my life. Y’all have followed my ups and my downs via tis little blog I call my online journal. You’ve been inspired and have inspired me. You’ve learned and have taught me as well. Now, I must call this year to an end.

What do I want to say for the last entry of two-thousand-seven? I don’t really know. I do want to remind y’all of some things.

Don’t drink and drive at all, EVER. My brother died in a car accident and he was sober so don’t increase the odds of hurting or killing anyone out there as you bring in the new year. After all it is only a year, it’s not worth killing or dying for. Celebrate, have fun .. but be responsible.

Don’t make any new year’s resolutions. Please … if you have a goal don’t wait until the beginning of the year to make it, just make it and do it. You don’t need a reason or a cause. If you want your life to change then change it right when you need to.

As far as that one last kiss on New Year’s Eve … even though she can’t be here right now I want Ligia’s kiss. That’s the only kiss I ever want from now on. I can hardly wait to give it to her.

Peace, Love, & Understanding,