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Hey Hey, What The Bug’s Up To Today!

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Dear World,

It’s almost six a.m. and I’m going to have to go up and wake Brett up for school soon. When he leaves it’s back to the shop for another day of hard work. Yesterday was awesome. I really felt like I can make it all come together. A lot of hard work, a little dream, and one big imagination. I spent most of yesterday cleaning and sorting. Boxing up a bunch of parts that have value but not really valuable. I think asĀ  few parts on hand as possible would be a great thing. I’m only going to do retail business on a request basis i.e. no shelves of retail space. I’m going to have a shelf in the office with some essential items and if someone should come in a ask for something and I have it I can go to the back and get it. I’ve also decided that my work space is going to be a square with on open end. Then the waiting area is going to be basically a living room, I’m thinking fifties or sixties style … just to give it that retro flare I’m famous for.

I did forget to bring a lunch and my wallet yesterday and when I got home I ate like a homeless person. I even ate stuff that I didn’t really like because dinner was a ways off (pizza for dinner).

So anyhow … it’s going to be more work than I had thought but very doable. So, I’m even more certain that I’m not going to have as much time to write here anymore. At least not for a while. I hope all the new readers stick around and stay. I LOVE the comments … some of them are very creative and enlightening.

Peace, Love, & Understanding,