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The Parting of the Ways

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Dear World,

I’ve come to some conclusions as of late and aside from the obvious things I have come to another small understanding about my my goals in life. I’ve decided to sacrifice some things in order to gain more important things. I’ve accepted that some people think I’m a little off because of my plans and anyone who knows me should know it has no bearing on what I plan to do once I’ve set my sights on something. So more to the point here as I move on. As I’ve mentioned here before I don’t hold much value in possessions, if I hadn’t outright said it I think it could be understood about me that I’m not a materialistic person. However, the possessions I do have are important to me as few as they are. I have my prized album collection that I scoured Tuscaloosa putting together over many years, I have spent five years finding the right stereo to listen to them on and another three for speakers to reproduce that sound into the room. So needless to say that music is important to me and anything regarding it in my possession is of great value and significance. I have come to the conclusion though that there is one piece I can part with and that’s just what I intend on doing. It is without doubt the oldest of its kind in both physical age and of the longest in belonging to me. This prized peace of audio equipment is my TEAC, 4-track real-to-real tape deck. Those who have ventured forth into the “cave” have laid eyes on it and know of it’s importance to be but I’ve decided to let it go for the cause. I think it’s the most valuable thing I own other than my guitar, and computers. I’m posting it for sale tonight after I get done writing this. I’ve had offers in the past from those that drooled over and and wanted it and I had up until this point turned them all down no matter the price, because after all money has little importance to me. What is important to me now is going to Brazil and seeing Ligia and making a dream no matter how crazy it might seem, come true. I might let this be a turning point in how I view things and let other things go more easily, I doubt it but it might happen. What am am making this a big deal for is the lesson that I want to share with those that read this journal. I want to show others that life is short and we cannot take these things with us no matter what the ancient Egyptians felt about the matter. I am selling my tape deck for what it’s value is and the value the money I get for it is not that of green paper but a journey. A path to Brazil to see the love of my life. Let’s examine that for a time shall we? “The love of my life” I think a lot of us take that phrase for granted. I don’t think most of us know its true significance yet in my great awakening that led me to the idea I shall marry Ligia (or at least ask her) I realized that she was the love of my life. The greatest love in it, life that is. So when I sell my tape deck I will miss it but there will be others and I know there is only one love for me and she needs me more than I can write here. So that’s it. That’s my latest venture in this wonderful experience.

I would also like to point out while I’m here that the job thing is tough. I’m not picky but I never realized that having the privileged to drive would ever cost me something so needed as a job. I’m a normal guy ( for the most part ) I can do a lot more than flip a hamburger or put paper towels on a shelf but as soon as employers hear I don’t drive it’s “goodbye we’ll let ya know.” don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up it’s just going to take longer than I had hoped for. So I’ll keep y’all posted and wish me luck!

Peace, Love, & Understanding,